Legacy Media offers professional archival and media management consulting.

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A custom plan to organize, inventory, back up, and stabilize your archives. Preserve your legacy while helping you access your assets now.



We will build out your production infrastructure and develop workflows to help your team work more efficiently and better manage the content you produce.



I provide research, archival producing, and curatorial support for documentaries and feature films

An archive is not a locked vault. It should be stable over time and useful to you now.


We’ll assess the condition of your assets and create a preservation plan. This includes:

  • Organize, inventory, and secure digital media

  • Digitize and preserve analog media (video, film, photos)

  • Work with IT vendors to build out digital infrastructure

  • Assess digital environment for stability and security

  • Inventory and archive physical collections (wardrobe, physical media, other assets)

  • Services tailored for production, corporate, record label, or personal environments

  • Archive social media posts, organize online content

  • Preserve your legacy while helping you access and monetize content already in your collections


Increase efficiency and feel peace of mind that your content is accounted for.


We’ll create custom digital workflows to meet your specific needs. This includes:

  • Working with producers, editors to streamline media delivery

  • Implement and document standards and workflows for delivery of media

  • Work with IT to utilize all available security measures

  • Prevent overspending, lost assets, and lax security


Find your story through research and archival producing

  • Documentary and feature film research

  • Excavate and organize archival footage for use in production

  • Sourcing and licensing archival footage

  • Rights clearance